First Post

This blog has one sole purpose (Ps. 1). It is a place for me to record my thoughts on the passages from the Bible that I read each day. I believe that journaling is a worthy spiritual discipline and helps me to retain what I read from the Word of God. It also is a way for me to revisit my thoughts later on and reflect on the way that the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart.

One thing that this blog is not is a place for me to publicize myself. I have other blogs that I have more social interaction with. If anyone discovers this blog, great. If no one finds this blog, that is also fine. If someone does read anything on the pages of this public journal, my hope is that he or she will discover something that might be a blessing.

With that, I am on my way to record my rumination of the Scriptures each day (Josh. 1:8)


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