Ezekiel 10 and Psalm 49

Ezekiel 10 is the part of Ezekiel’s vision where he sees the cherubim and the glory of God leaving the Temple. The vision is much the same as his original vision in Ezek. 1:1-28. Many of the contemporary gods of his day were thought to have a range limited by space and an influence within only a specific area. God, on His chariot-throne is free to leave the temple along with His power and influence. He chose to depart the temple because of the idolatry of Israel and because she had broken the covenant.

Psalm 49 is a warning to those who are wealthy and put their trust in their possessions. No one can ransom another person’s life (Ps. 4:5-9). Both the wealthy and the poor (and those somewhere in between) will die and leave all of their possessions behind. The poor do not need to fear the wealthy and the wealthy need to fear the Lord. The message of the gospel is for all people (Ps. 49:1-2) and those with means are not sufficient in themselves and able to ignore the gospel.

As a middle-of-the-roader, I don’t think I fear the rich, but perhaps I fear their influence. Psalm 49:16 is appropriate for putting life into the proper perspective. The one we should respect and be influenced by is The Lord Almighty.