Lamentations 2 and Psalm 33

Lamentations 2 is a very sad and somber declaration of the heavy hand of judgment The Lord is dealing with Israel. It is important for me to remember how longsuffering He had been with Israel but also that His righteousness demanded His actions against her.

Lamentations 2:11-12 is an effective summary of the judgment and a vivid description of the resulting suffering. Is the idolatry of my day any worse than that of the children of Israel? What ultimate judgment lies in store for those who continue to turn against God and reject Christ.

Lamentations 2:17 – the beginning of the verse declares the inevitability of God’s judgment. “He has carried out His word…” God will always be true to His word. This is true of pronounced judgment, but it is also true of His unfailing promises to us.

Psalm 33 is a great declaration of the faithfulness of God. It is a good remedy to the dire narrative of Lamentations 2. Some verses that stood out to me today are:

Ps. 33:4 – God’s word is upright. It is good for us and good to us. It is not confused and scewed like much of today’s world. He is always faithful (a correlary to Lamentations 2:17).

Ps. 33:11 – His word is enduring. When so much seems like it is weak and fading. His word and His promises do not fade but endure.

Ps. 33:12 – This is a great national promise but even when our nation seems to be turning away from God, His promises endure for His chosen people. My future is not dependent on the course of my country.

Ps. 33:18-19 – The Lord has his eyes on me and on my life. I don’t have to be concerned that He will miss the critical moments of my life or that He is somehow absent especially when I am in great need. 

The hope in Ps. 33:22 is present because of His faithfulness and because of that faithfulness, we have the trust spoken of in Ps. 33:21.