Ezekiel 17 and Psalm 60-61

Ezekiel 17 is a unique chapter that almost reads like a parable from the New Testament. Jerusalem is counseled to obey Babylon but instead rebels and seeks the help of Egypt and as a result faces destruction. I think of the times, when God has brought me to a certain place which may be uncomfortable or something different from what I would chose. When I try to finagle my way out of the circumstance instead of submitting to His will, I suffer the consequences of my own decision.

Psalm 60 begins with a lament over recent defeat. My life as a believer is not always victorious. Ultimately it is, but during this life, there can be many defeats. The psalmist, however, shares his confidence in the Lord’sdeliverance and protection. My take away from this psalm today is that even though I feel like I am defeated, the refuge that God affords me is present and I can seek shelter in Him.

Psalm 61:2-3 continues the thought from Psalm 61. God is the rock and my refuge. It is in a place that is higher than the depths I find myself in and the Holy Spirit will lead me to that place of refuge—peace amidst the storm and shelter in the middle of war.

I like the words the psalmist ends the psalm with in Ps. 61:8,

So will I ever sing praises to your name,
as I perform my vows day after day

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